News round up – 26.01.16

Bias against female instructors

New analysis offers more evidence against the reliability of student evaluations of teaching, at least for their use in personnel decisions.

When teamwork doesn’t work for women

New evidence suggests that the under-representation of women reflects a systemic bias in that marketplace: a failure to give women full credit for collaborative work done with men.

‘Striking’ inequalities in higher education fuel gender pay gap

The UK’s female academics are paid £6,146 less on average than men, with lack of women in leadership and management roles a factor, says report.



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News Round up – 19.01.16

Starting the new academic term, as well as blog contributions, here you will also find a summary of recent news articles related to Women in Research, available for discussion. Do get in touch if you see anything of interest.

Governance of HE: Gender balance of university boards

A 2013 KPMG report into gender balance in higher education looked at the ratio of women on university boards across the country and presented data which showed that 33% of all governing body members across 166 institutions were women.

The more women earn, the less healthy they feel

Are executive women gaining power at the expense of their health? Or do their high earnings and advanced degrees protect them from unhealthy outcomes?

Under-represented, underpaid, and over-exploited: Economic policy remains sexist

Gender inequality exists in the UK, despite half a century’s worth of efforts to the contrary, argues Diane Perrons, co-director of the LSE’s Commission on Gender, Inequality and Power. She writes that the gender pay gap has declined, but men continue to be over-represented among full-time workers and in high-paid jobs, while women are at a greater risk of poverty. She argues that gender-sensitive macroeconomic policies and gender-responsive budgeting are some of the changes that will help avoid another century slipping by without us achieving gender equality.