The importance of acknowledging experience

Though I may be relatively new to the field of research as a PhD student, I understand that, regardless of academic and research level, it is important to acknowledge the experiences of women in research.

Though recommendations have been suggested for how universities can improve gender equality, there is always work to be done, specific to each institution.

Here, we look to comment on relevant news items, draw attention to important research and provide a space for discussion in relation to the challenges faced and overcome by women in research.

My experiences may not yet be vast, but I look forward to a future in research where women are not dismissed as distracting for ‘real men scientists’ and their research.

This short post is intended as a start point for new discussions and support for Northampton’s women in research.

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One thought on “The importance of acknowledging experience

  1. This will be a great space to not just discuss the issues that affect us deeply, but to begin taking collective action to get our voices heard and start working towards changing our institutions to value women in research much more. I would like to start by asking all you women researchers out there…what actions do we want to take…now! A survey, a campaign? What else?


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